Technology Development Programme

There’s never been a more exciting time to join the TDP.

Why? Because our recently announced multi-billion technology investment means we’re paving the way for transformation across our entire organisation. And this transformation will be driven by two things: technology and talent.

The TDP provides Nationwide with the technology specialists we need to keep growing and staying ahead of the game.

There are three TDP schemes:

  • Accelerator – for graduates and career changers
  • Degree Apprenticeship – after A levels and instead of university
  • Industrial Placement – for third year university students

Together they offer school leavers, undergraduates, graduates and career changers the opportunity to become the technology specialists of the future.

Learn more about the schemes here

What will I be doing?

Whichever scheme you choose, we’ll work with you to find the best area suited to your skills, interests and potential. You might be:

  • Dealing with the Cyber Security opportunities and challenges presented by Open Banking, Cloud-based services and new technologies
  • Enhancing user experience, dealing with live incidents and supporting ongoing innovation in Software Engineering
  • Working with Data and Analytics, which underpins our refreshed strategy and represents an important opportunity for continued growth
  • Improving your coding skills or learning from scratch in order to continually improve our service and build new applications
  • ‘Keeping the lights on’ behind the scenes to make sure everything works for our customers and employees

What use is support to do your job, without support to build your career?

All the TDP schemes are designed to give:

  • Involvement with real business projects that have stretching goals
  • Exposure to senior business leaders through mentoring relationships
  • Online technical training with access to over 6,000 courses on Pluralsight
  • Depending on the area, work towards professional certification in areas such as CompTIA+, Network+, Security+ and more
  • Leadership training courses
  • An increase in commercial and strategic awareness through on-the-job learning
  • The possibility of working towards a future position or promotion at Nationwide

Accelerator: Applications opening later this year

Degree Apprenticeship: Applications open April 2019 

Industrial Placement: All placements filled for 2019