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Data Management

Using data to drive better decisions for our members

Data Management

Our team

We ensure the Society has the data it needs for informed decision making, and work to reduce the risks of having incorrect data. We’re also helping to drive a self-service, information-led culture, underpinned by robust data governance initiatives. This is an ideal opportunity for Data enthusiasts to join an integrated team and help shape our vision.


What we do

Our Data & Analytics function also isn’t just about compliance. We produce member-centric solutions driven by a clear strategy and backed by the board. Supported by Nationwide’s multi-billion tech investment, we’re now embarking on the next stage of our journey by introducing a modern suite of Data Management technologies.

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Reflections on the day

Lindsay from Data Management went along to the We Are Tech Women conference in London, which Nationwide co-sponsors.

It was a jam-packed day with high calibre speakers covering a multitude of topics. After the event, Lindsay noted the key messages that stayed with her the following day.

"I really enjoyed the session with Dr Pippa Malmgren, co founder of H Robotics. She was a very passionate speaker and talked about how “Tech is not a thing, it’s a way of thinking” and that technology is over-hyped but under used.

"A key thing I took from what she said was how sometimes we need to think more about the simple solutions that technology can resolve rather than thinking of overly complex solutions.

"She also talked about the impact of our “digital ghost” that is created from all our interactions with the world around us, the data points that are created as a result and the ethical questions that raises. She asked us to think about what our “digital ghost” looked like, and how we need to think about the ethical questions that raises as an industry."

Moving on to our own Gary Delooze’s Q&A panel session on career development. First there were the

Networking tips:
  • Don’t think of it as networking, just talk to people
  • Put yourself out there and go to 3 networking events a year to get more comfortable doing it
  • It is about building genuine relationships, not about what you want from somebody.
Career tips
  • Pivot your career a lot. Try to do lots of different things throughout your career as it gives you lots of different perspectives
  • Ask leaders – "What problems do you have that I can solve" and work on fixing them
  • Be clear about what you want in your career
  • Be patient!