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Flexible working at Nationwide

Flexible working’ refers to many different arrangements. It’s an agreement about how, when or where you work, designed to take your needs into consideration as well as your employers – so it can be as unique as you are. At Nationwide, we have a flexible working policy that sets out the sort of…

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How to: Switch off from work when you go on holiday

Read our tips to find out how to make sure you switch off from work and fast track your holiday Zen.

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Careers advice I wish I knew in my 20’s

Our recruiters share their top tips and advice on what they’d do differently if they'd known this when they were in their 20's.

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Planning a career change

This blog brings you advice on how to prepare for the obstacles that come with making a career change. Because now is as good a time as ever to take on a new challenge!

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Top tips for an engaging presentation

Presentations play a huge part in professional and academic life. This ‘how to’ guide will highlight a number of skills required to deliver a great presentation, so make sure your ready to take notes...

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How to: grow your network

A recent statistic shows that 80% of jobs today are gained through networking. That statistic alone is enough to make anyone invest their time in this. What this shows is that many jobs are not formally advertised. Meaning your perfect job might have come around without you even realising it simply…

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How to: create an impressive CV

Your work experience will always be of key value to any potential employer, but nowadays employers are also equally interested in taking on well-rounded individuals...

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Career advice:Top Tips for Your First Graduate Job

We asked some of our current graduates for their top tips for easing the transition between university and the working world…

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How to: get a job using social media

To find a business that isn't on social media is rare these days. This can be a great thing, with candidates searching for a job having more access to the inner workings of a prospective company than they have ever had before.

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Cover Letters: The Dos and Don'ts

Cover letters are both time consuming and difficult to master. It’s no wonder most job hunters cower at the thought of them and often leave this important document to the last minute...

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Advice: The Interview - What Should You Do?

Well done. You've got yourself an interview. You're so close to getting a job, you can just smell it, and all you have to do now is not screw it up..

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Advice: our top 6 CV tips

Whether you're a new graduate or well versed in the professional world, your CV can always be improved and amended. Throughout your career you should always aim to keep your CV as up to date as possible; it can help you make sure the information you're putting down is fresh from your mind and entirely correct.

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