Flexible working at Nationwide


Flexible working’ refers to many different arrangements. It’s an agreement about how, when or where you work, designed to take your needs into consideration as well as your employers – so it can be as unique as you are.

At Nationwide, we have a flexible working policy that sets out the sort of options available and how to request them. Here are the most popular:

  • Compressed hours, where you work more than the standard seven hours on certain days so that you can work fewer, or none, on others. This can include having shorter lunch breaks.
  • Choosing start and finish times that enable you to dovetail other commitments around your working day, for example the school run or caring responsibilities.
  • Reducing your hours from your current arrangement.
  • Job-sharing, where you and a colleague cover a full-time role between you.
  • Altering where you work which can include another Nationwide location or working from home.
  • Term-time contracts allow you to be off when your children are.
  • Flexi-time and annualised contracts let you complete your agreed hours in a more individual pattern, rather than a standard day or week.

We don’t want great people to be put-off working for us because standard full-time hours don’t work for them.

We’re open to discussing flexible arrangements in any role across the Society, but our Marketing & Engagement Community is going one step further and consciously advertising all new roles as available for flexible working.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these roles, put #flexibleworking in the search jobs bar at the top of the careers site homepage.