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"If I can do it, so can you."

Dr Sue Black OBE worked her way from single mum on benefits to award-winning computer scientist and says if she can do it, anyone can. Talking to a packed hall for Ada Lovelace Day@Nationwide, Supporting Women in Technology, Sue told how a maths evening class while she had three children under five,…

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Celebrating Innovation, Imagination and creativity

We’ve brought our members convenience and opportunity in a changing world for over 170 years. From offering the first savings box as a product in 1905, launching the UK’s first retail internet banking service, to being the first high street financial services provider to offer 24/7 Twitter support.

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Strength in diversity

Having diverse employees is good for business, but to make sure everyone is included and treated fairly takes time and understanding.

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My autism diagnosis was good news for me and my career

Beckie explains how everything fell into place when she could see her ‘oddities’ as strengths.

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David and Goliath - The start-ups solving tomorrow’s problems

The Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab is an annual 12-week programme that brings together early stage financial technology companies (start-ups) and the world's leading financial institutions. It’s an opportunity for the participating start-ups to work with potential future customers in a trusted,…

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Rowena and mentees

How women help other women into leadership

Rowena is Head of Architecture Operations & Development at Nationwide. Here she shares her thoughts on mentoring, and her top five tips for women considering STEM careers.

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father and son

The hand that rocks the cradle

As women strive for equality in the workplace, men are reflecting on their own role in raising children.

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‘My manager’s encouragement made this charity a reality’

Elaine Edwards started work as a cashier in our Accrington branch in 1999. She remembers a lovely team and managers who wanted her to succeed. With their encouragement, she juggled work and being a single mum to qualify as a mortgage advisor.

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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and it’s feeling good

As boomers get closer to retirement, Gen X and Millennials are beginning to shape and influence our economy, and it’s evident that their expectations are very different from the 54-74 age group. Coupled with an exponential growth in technology, the financial services sector in the UK is going…

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Building a Fintech, Nationwide

Whilst Financial Services has been a challenging place to work over the past decade, it has not yet seen its share of the exciting, digital transformation that has transformed other industries, such as retail and media. We are yet to see technology-enabled business model disruption on a major scale,…

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Digital utopia: where everyone’s welcome

While many experts within the IT world wouldn’t deny that there’s still a higher percentage of men working in the UK’s technology sector, recent reports would suggest that it in fact goes much deeper than simply the equality argument. According to the Telegraph back in March, the UK is now…

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Dynamic working around the moon

Did you know that the Muslim lunar months last between 29 and 30 days, depending on the sighting of the moon on the 29th night of each month? If the moon is not visible, the current month will last for 30 days. This year, Ramadan started on May 27, and lasts until Eid al-Fitr on June 24, 2017.

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