5 reasons our employees love working here


“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” - Confucius

Our employees are an important asset to us. We recognise the hard work they do by delivering so much for our customers, community and society. Happy employees mean happy customers; we give them a brighter future and they give customers a warmer welcome.

That’s why we strive to create a workplace that our employees love!

In a recent employee engagement survey, we invited all employees to tell us how they feel about working here, what they love and what we can improve.

Here are some of the results showing why our employees love working here:

#1 They believe we deliver great customer service

Our employees believe that we offer attractive products and are proud to work here! 92% of them believe that we offer great customer service!

As we're owned by our members, providing fantastic customer service is part of our DNA, and one of the most important characteristics that set sets us apart from our banking peers.

We’re happy to know that our customers believe in our values to “put members first” and “excel at service”

#2 We give them challenging and interesting work

Everyone wants a career that’s stimulating and exciting - 84% of our employees believe we provide this! Whenever a new type of challenge is encountered it’s almost always a chance to develop a new set of skills. It’s also an opportunity for career development and personal growth.

88% of our employees feel that they can use their skills effectively in their job. We recognise that it’s important for our employees to feel challenged enough to develop but also feel confident that they can do their job efficiently with their current skills.

After all, enjoying the work you do can help improve job satisfaction and boost your overall happiness at work.

#3 We give recognition for a good job

We know that when employees are recognised and praised for the hard work they do, they tend to perform better. That’s why we work hard to make sure that our people feel valued and that our pay and benefits packages reflect our appreciation. We’re proud to say that 92% of employees agree that we provide benefits that meet their needs.

#4 You can be yourself here

We value and recognise our diverse and talented employees and encourage individualism. Our annual employee survey tells us that 90% of our employees feel able ‘to be themselves’ at work!

We're also committed to protecting the rights of all employees and to providing an inclusive workplace where everyone can flourish, free from harassment, discrimination or victimisation.
We do this by creating an environment where every employee (regardless of their age, disability, sex, race, religion/ belief, or sexual orientation) is recognised, engaged and included in making Nationwide ‘a great employer and an exemplar organisation’ .

#5 We show that we care

We want to do more than just say we care about employees; we want to show it. 88% of our employees believe that we demonstrate care and concern for them as individuals.

We show this through many different ways from offering flexible working options such as flexi-time, job sharing and term time working. We also offer a generous holiday allowance and pension scheme. Often times, our new starters comment on just how pleasantly surprised they are that our company culture is as friendly as it is!

Sound like somewhere you’d like to work?

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