5 things you can give up that’ll improve your career


We’re always talking about getting more. Getting more skills, more tools, more experience. But how can we turn this around and improve our careers by giving something up? What can we take away from our working life in order to improve it?

Below is a list of the top five things we feel could help you see vast improvements in your career. So challenge yourself this lent and give up something that has become part of your daily routine, but may be blinding you to the opportunities around you.

1. Give up the snooze button

After asking around the office, almost everyone uses the snooze button at least once in the morning. It seems snoozing has become part of the British morning ritual.

So with this in mind, imagine not using it at all. Without a snooze button you must force yourself to get up straight away, when that alarm goes off, that’s all you get with regards to a wakeup call, so you better listen to it. Think of that time that is usually wasted, and put it to good use.

2. Give up the lift

Choose to travel on your own two feet. Take the stairs instead of the lift, the escalator, or the travellator. When we sit in offices all day our bodies can become lazy and tired. Expelling just a short amount of energy every so often can wake us up. So in fact, by giving up the lift you’re gaining energy to be used for better things.

3. Give up your mobile phone

Seeing as most peoples’ phones have become an extension of their arms, this lent challenge could pose a near impossible task for many. Let us clarify though, we mean giving up your mobile phone during office hours. Keep it in your bag, out of sight and refrain from checking it. So much time is wasted in the office, not just from checking your phone but the time lost when you lose focus and have to re-familiarise yourself with the task at hand.

4. Give up eating out for lunch

This will require prior planning as well as plenty of willpower. When all others are heading out for an all-you-can eat Chinese at lunch or bring back scrumptious smelling goodies to the office, you will be tempted, but don’t stray. Making your own lunches doesn't have to mean the traditional disappointing sandwiches, choose healthy but delicious lunch ingredients, keeping you satisfied and focused for the afternoon.

5. Give up getting angry in your job

Every job has its ups and downs, but if yours is consistently causing you stress, anger or anxiety then maybe it’s time to do something about it. We don’t mean ignoring what’s making you angry but rather find a solution. This could be through better communication, a better process or in some cases just a better job. So give up being angry for lent and use these 40 days wisely to figure out how you can make your working life more enjoyable. Being angry, anxious and stressed isn't healthy, so do this for your own well-being as well as your career.

Do you dare take on our challenge?

If so, which one of the above will you choose to give up? Good luck and keep us updated on your progress by getting in touch with us on Twitter: @nationwide-jobs