Can UK financials meet customer demand for banking innovation?


Careers that make banking innovation possible

Dhalbir, Nationwide Tech Practice Manager, talks through some of the challenges we face in order to maintain banking innovation.

Right now the UK is a hotspot of innovation and development in the financial services world, and as a result many UK customers expect the financial services to develop at the same pace of today’s consumer society. 

It's these high customer expectations that help drive us to deliver what we believe to be the best customer service possible.This presents us with our biggest challenge as IT professionals working in the UK financial services: how do we exceed customer expectations whilst ensuring the safety of our systems? Innovation at the expense of customer service is not innovation. 

“ When there’s a new device or a new technology, or simply a new way of thinking, our job is to put Nationwide at the forefront of the adaptation to that change. Sitting back and following the rest of the industry will only take you as far as others in the industry allow. ”

Banking innovation shaped by the customer

Following the customer demands that we give a potential for growth that changes as fast as the lifestyles of the people using our services.

Of course, that means technology has to be and is a key commitment for us. At our core we have a duty to make sure our customers have solid systems they can trust; innovation at the expense of customer service is not innovation.

“ Our Technical Practice is at the centre of Nationwide’s continued delivery expectations. Our knowledge and experience across multiple platforms and technologies makes us a force of creativity ”

To achieve true innovation, it’s crucial that we’re both at the forefront of technology whilst maintaining our existing platforms. Both are equally important, this combination provides us a solid base to begin from.

Our Technical Practice is at the epicentre of Nationwide’s continued delivery expectations. Our knowledge and experience across multiple platforms and technologies makes us a force of creativity, and a backbone to projects throughout the whole society. We maintain a robust, stable, core base of platforms and applications which provide the building blocks on which our banking systems are built. They also act as a digital springboard to give a powerful infrastructure to the systems we’re creating for the future.

UK Technical teams that make it possible

For example, we pushed forward the Apple Pay project; meaning we were actually the first financial service provider in the UK to join Apple Pay. We even made sure Apple Pay was available in our shops and cafes at our various sites, significantly improving the speed of payment. With each transaction time decreased we can keep our employees moving - plus, who doesn’t love getting their coffee that little bit faster in the morning? I’m really excited that my business area is pushing Nationwide’s Digital agenda forward, helping provide our members with more flexibility and mobility in how they choose to bank with us. We’re helping to transform Nationwide to a truly “digital Society” by evolving our middleware infrastructure.

That said, Nationwide’s creativity and innovation doesn’t come without its challenges.The Financial world has had some huge changes in recent years, and the rate of that change can be a difficult to manage.

Ask anyone in the sector and they’ll talk about an “Always-on” customer base: a 24 hour world with 24 hour expectations.

It’s great that we have the opportunity to explore these avenues of technology, service and development with our core partners: Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS). Each of these Partners is a leader in its own right, and show real examples of Diversity, Experience and Innovation. Besides fitting perfectly with Nationwide’s core values, these partners also continuously prove that they’re at the forefront of stability and creativity in their field.

“ Ultimately though, people want to work here for the same reason I work here; Openness, honesty and an unwavering focus on people. That follows through my work, and the work of my team. My job isn't to change someone into a fit for our Technical Practice, it’s to see what they bring to the table and how the Technical Practice can help make the most of the individual, their experience, and their skills. ”

It’s an exciting time to play a part - no two projects in Technical Practice are ever the same: If you’re looking for a challenge, and you have a willingness to learn, this is the place for you. In years to come our employees will able to look back and say: “We rebuilt the Society for the 21st Century!”

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