Disability at work; there’s always more we can do


Disability in the workplace; why there’s more we can do

Intro para- the 27th February – 3rd March is diversity week at Nationwide, and to celebrate we’ll be running a range of interactive ED&I (equality, diversity and inclusion) events. Here look at how attitudes to disability and careers have evolved, but why there’s always more we can do.

Our disability networks at Nationwide

In a year that saw the number of network members more than double, winter wonderland and international day of people with disabilities....

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text referencing focus on disability confident, government changes in 1939 with men returning from war?

How disabled employees are re-shaping our communities

disability stats here, strategy aim for 50% increase in number of employees who have disclosed a disability....educating about our differences?

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What else can we do to help more disabled people into careers with us?

Text here explaining what else the EDI team have planned to help disabled candidates/ disabled employees; how long will this take, what blockers will they face, what drives the EDI team to keep going to deliver this change.

Find out more

To find out more about ED&I at Nationwide, see our Networks page or join in on twitter via @NBSEmployees using #NBSDiversity.