The Power to Do What Matters

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Consultants in Nationwide’s contact centres are doing things a little bit differently for members when they call. A new initiative rolling out across all banking teams will enable them to 'Do What Matters' for members, aiming to get more things Right First Time.

“ We're moving away from restrictive processes to allow our consultants the freedom to make the right decisions. They can take the time they need to deal with members’ questions and get to the right answer, first time. ”

Aisha Senior Change Manager

A year-long pilot tracked huge amounts of data to find out what changes would help members get the solutions they needed faster. It uncovered a volume of calls that needed to be passed on to other teams, and a huge number where the information was at the members’ finger-tips, had they only known about the banking app.

Extra training for consultants, simplified processes, freedom and time to find the right answer, has improved the call centre experience for members and consultants alike.

Customer hold times are down and satisfaction rates are up. One caller reported:

“The Nationwide colleague was patient, knowledgeable, supportive and very friendly.
I used to be area director for one of the big five banks prior to retirement. If this lady worked for me, I would be very proud of the service she provides.”

Sarah, who was part of the original pilot team at Caledonia House in Scotland said:

"’Do what matters’ changed my whole way of thinking, took me outside my comfort zone and made my role as a service consultant so much better. I feel confident having conversations with my members as I feel empowered to do the right the thing.”

“ This is a culture and behaviour shift that will take time and we've got a lot of work to be cracking on with but everyone’s excited by it. The initial transition for our people to move to this new way of working will take around 23 weeks. We will be bringing four teams onboard every two weeks and have 66 Banking teams to get through in total! ”

Jules Head of Contact Centres

If this sounds like the sort of team you’d like to be part of, find out more about a job in one of our six contact centres.