Tooled up for transformation

Paul at conference

By Paul French, Director of Business Intelligence, Reporting and Visualisation

These are exciting times. We’re embracing the possibilities of data, and becoming more data enabled and data literate as an organisation to better serve our members. Put simply we want all our people to be “Fit to Fly with Data”. To this end, we’ve signed an enterprise Qlik license so we can deploy solutions for 5,000 of our people and spread the power of data across the Society.

When it comes to customer experience, banks and FinTechs are learning from retailers and increasingly grasping the importance of personalization. For banks to stay ahead of the game and give best-in-class customer experience, customer-facing employees need to be armed with accurate, relevant and up-to-date data, and mobile, web and branch channels need to act as one. How can we do this? With the right tools.

Enter Qlik, the data exploitation engine that breaks down the complexity of disparate data, and delivers analytical insights to those who need it, instantly.

Empowering our people

What this means for us is that where data insight was previously locked away in static management reports, we can empower more people to answer more questions themselves – across every community in our organisation, truly driving a data enabled culture.

The benefits are manifold: our people can access and act on the data provided when they need it, they can be inquisitive with data and answer more questions themselves, and are freed up from having to spend large amounts of time collating it. In short, there can be more focus on insight than engineering. Qlik also starts to deal with the problem of data silos and the inefficiency they cause, as well as moving to more data based decision making, relying less on intuition and institutional knowledge.

Introducing 'Google for data' 

Continuing to innovate with Analytics technology, we’re in the process of implementing Thoughtspot. Described as ‘Google for data’ it analyses our data using natural language to enable quick and easy data search and results.

We’ll be rolling out our first Thoughtspot application in April this year so more on this to follow, but in the meantime, imagine being able to ask vast, accurate and up to date volumes of data very specific questions. And then being able to drill down into the detail. This is exactly what many of our employees will be able to do.

Gartner Data & Analytics

I'm a guest speaker at the biggest data conference in Europe - Gartner Data & Analytics, taking place at the O2 this March. I'll be talking about how we are enabling a data culture at Nationwide, and how Qlik is part of the story. If you’re heading over, book in some time with me to chat about what we’re up to at Nationwide and share your experience.