Why we're embracing the future of FinTech


Embracing the future of FinTech

Our latest poll shows the UK has given a vote of confidence to new ways of managing our money. 

The Nationwide Building society poll, commissioned to mark Nationwide's partnership with Fintech Fortnight, highlights that around two thirds (65%) of Brits recognise the benefits of financial technology (FinTech).

The growth of FinTech in the UK

Following the popularity of contactless cards, mobile payments and a range of other innovations, more than half (51%) of Brits asked believe the next generation of banking will add speed and convenience to their everyday money management. A quarter (25%) felt that advances in security on mobile devices and biometrics will mean cards and wallets are consigned to history.

“ While digital technology provides convenience, it's important to remember that it's people who offer service. Nationwide believe that the future of banking will be the best of both worlds – digital convenience backed by market leading levels of human service. It's why we're investing £500 million into our branch network, while partnering with Fintech organisations here in the UK and across the world to bring the latest digital improvements that respond to the needs of our members. ”

James Smith Nationwide’s Director of Mobile & Digital

What is FinTech Fortnight?

FinTech Fortnight is a celebration of all things FinTech (Financial Technology) which sees everything from start-ups through to market leaders discussing and raising awareness of this transformational sector. This includes looking at the big changes and issues across the sector, and raising awareness of the benefits FinTech offers to businesses and consumers.

“ We understand that the financial services industry will continue to rapidly evolve and believe that the latest technology, alongside market leading face to face customer service and support is a powerful combination. ”

Matt Cox Head of Innovation and Insight

Our digital centres

Nationwide are working to build on our heritage of innovation to help members get more from their money and navigate the challenges and opportunities of everyday life. We’re increasing convenience with new digital services, championing innovative products and services whilst exploring technology which unlocks help and advice in branch. 

For more information on our latest digital careers, see digital & change.

2000 people were surveyed by Vital Research & Statistics between 20th – 23rd January 2017.