Career Progression: Mortgage Representative to Mortgage Consultant

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I began working at Nationwide 2 years ago. Keen to pursue a career in mortgages, I applied for a Telephony Mortgage Representative role at the Northampton Admin Centre (NAC). I was drawn to the fact that Nationwide was a highly regarded company to work for, and offered excellent training and development opportunities.  

The guidance and encouragement I've received throughout my time at Nationwide so far has really helped me achieve my professional goals. The support I was provided with by the business whilst I studied for my CeMap qualification was fantastic. Although I actually completed my CeMap outside of work and alongside my day job, my manager was fully aware of this and ensured that I was supported throughout my studies.

My development plan was tailored to prepare me for a Mortgage Consultant role, which I then took on 8 months after joining Nationwide. Even now, my manager has a good understanding of what I would like to accomplish in my role in the future, and provides me with advice about how to achieve this.

“ A brilliant advantage of working at NAC in a telephony-based role is the support network that you have around you. ”

I love the fact that I’m part of a large team of Telephony Mortgage Consultants with such a wide variety of knowledge which is extremely useful, especially when you are dealing with an application which is slightly unusual and need to ask for help with how to proceed with it.

One of the best things about being a Mortgage Consultant is the level of interaction you have with customers. As a Mortgage Representative you are the initial point of contact, and start the process of customer’s application journey, but the case does not stay as your responsibility.

However, a Mortgage Consultant takes over what a Mortgage Representative has started, and remains the case owner throughout the process, taking the customer through the entire application over the phone. You’re able to explore the customer’s circumstances and tailor your advice to meet their specific needs. Whereas Mortgage Representatives deal with 30+ customers a day over the phone, Mortgage Consultants usually speak with just 2 or 3.

“ Guiding a customer through an application makes you feel like you are having an impact on something which plays such a large part in their life. ”

For most customers that you speak to, their home is their biggest and most significant purchase that they have ever made and something which they feel proud of. It’s so satisfying to feel as though you’ve really helped someone, and it’s great to hear how grateful the customers are once their application has been submitted.

There are definitely some challenging aspects about being a Mortgage Consultant. As the case owner you’re in charge of the whole application and are the main point of contact for the customer, so have much more responsibility than you would in a Mortgage Representative role. You’re also responsible for keying the correct information in the application submitted, and for questioning the plausibility of information provided by the customer, so paying close attention to detail is a crucial part of the job.

Time management is also really important in this role; as the case owner, part of your role involves reviewing case amendments and customer emails which can sometimes take up a large part of your day.

“ Having a high level of job satisfaction really makes my life easier; when I leave, I don’t go home worrying about work, and when I come into to work, I don’t worry about what my day might hold. ”

I feel like I have a great work- life balance; outside of work, I make plenty of time to spend with my friends and family.

If you're thinking about progressing from a Mortgage Representative to a Mortgage Consultant role, I'd recommend that you listen to the various types of applications and a range of consultants so that you can see how different people do things. Speak to other Mortgage Consultants about what’s expected of them, and how they prepare and wrap up appointments so that you can get a greater understanding of the role. I'd also point out that it's important to let your line manager know what you want to aim towards so that they can provide you with all of the necessary guidance and support.

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  • Tim

    Great feature but I'm slightly bias as she is my daughter. She really enjoys working at Nationwide and I know that they really care about the people who work there. A very impressive business that has a clear focus on colleague development and support. Well done Nationwide.

  • Chris - Scotland

    This is a great article for somebody like myself who aspires to change careers and become a mortgage advisor/consultant for a company like Nationwide.

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