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Before I started at Nationwide I was working as an Auditor at one of the "Big Four" Audit firms. I was based in Miami but the company I was working for had offices in England. At the time my girlfriend was living in the UK so I was really keen to relocate so we could live together. With this in mind I packed up my bags and made the big move in 2014.

Soon after I relocated here, I began looking for other jobs as I wanted a chance to use my skills outside of the accounting practice. I felt that I was no longer learning anything new in my job and so I wanted to find a career where I could give myself a new challenge.

I’ve always been interested in Finance and so I began looking for vacancies in some finance companies.

“ I’d say that the job search was quite difficult. I quickly found out that not many companies wanted to spend the money and effort involved in hiring someone who needed their work visa sponsored. ”

I’d taken a rest from the job search when one of the recruiters from Nationwide reached out to me via LinkedIn. He told me about a role he was recruiting for that he thought would be suitable for me based on my career experience.

“ I explained that I would need Visa sponsorship in order to take on the role and he let me know that this was something he could look into for me. Even though I wasn't certain whether I’d get the job role, it was just a breath of fresh air to know that I wasn't immediately shut down. ”

The sponsorship process was quite long but eventually I did get the job and I was able to start my new career at Nationwide as Senior Accountant in the Financial Performance & Reporting division. Since I started here, my entire team has been really supportive; they’ve showed me around and introduced me to different people from different teams. It’s a very friendly environment and I know I can ask questions to anyone in my team and they’d be willing to help.

In my previous job I used to work weekends and have very long days at work, leaving little time for a personal life. Now I have time to invest in myself, I usually spend my free time watching sports, movies and touring England.

“ One of the most surprising things about working here is the company culture. I’ve found that Nationwide really encourages a great work life balance. I get to leave my work at a decent time and get to enjoy my weekends. ”

My favourite thing about England is all the historical places. I really love travelling around the country and experiencing the culture. I also love the British accent and football! The only negative thing worth mentioning is the weather; however it didn’t come as a surprise as I was pre-warned; not many places would enjoy the weather we had in Miami.

In terms of goals, my short term goal is to settle down within my role; I want to deliver my work with efficiency and expand my network within my team and outside of my team. My long term goal is to progress within Finance and potentially gain experience in other finance-related departments within Nationwide. Given the many opportunities Nationwide has to offer, I believe I can achieve my career goals working here.

My advice to anyone looking for a career change or aiming to work in financial services would be to look into Nationwide. While the sponsorship process can be long, Nationwide does offer this opportunity and they did a very good job on helping me through this process. I am confident they’ll do the same for any other potential joiners out there.

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