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Before I started working in Nationwide, I was a kidnap and ransom consultant for an insurance company, however one year prior to that I was in the Intelligence Corps within the British Army. I’d served in Afghanistan, the Gulf, and a few other places.

I didn’t actually know a lot about Nationwide before I applied, but I was interested in getting into Risk Management as I knew that’s what made the most sense for me given the work I’d been doing for the Military.

The biggest challenge I had when I first begun working in the corporate world was “camouflage” aka blending in. I spent a small fortune on tailoring, shoes (shopping is a soldier’s best friend!), learned the language, and understood the rough business model.

There definitely has to be a mind-set change when you transition into the corporate world. I've  learnt to adapt a new outlook on situations and incorporate it into my working life. The military is driven by objectives and emotion shouldn’t get in the way of the objective. Whereas, in the corporate world you're working with others and have to be mindful of how other people may feel and react to you. 

My current role is “Senior Risk Analyst” in Group Risk’s Enterprise Risk Management team. Our team looks at the big picture and defines the way that Nationwide manages the risks it faces.

“ In Military Intelligence we spend a lot of time doing risk management. It’s the same techniques that we use in Group Risk, just with different subject matter. ”

My work at nationwide is certainly different, mortgages  became my focus as opposed to terrorists and the threat of being shot becomes the threat of tripping on a cable!

The best thing about what I do now is being around the people that I work with. They’re a pleasure to be around and make the day more interesting.

I also enjoy the fact that I have plenty of time for personal life, that’s a big part of why I left the military in the first place. Outside of work I’m renovating a house, building a small business with a few friends, and eating the freshest food I can find…I won’t miss the military scran/scoff!

I’d advise any ex-military personnel who are looking to join Nationwide to keep bulling your shoes! If you want to work in Risk, use your resettlement allowance to do a course through the Institute of Risk Management, or a similar body. It will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

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