Health Club Manager to Mortgage Consultant


Three years ago, I reached a point in my career where I felt that I needed a career change...

I’d taken an interest in working in mortgages when my wife and I bought our first home together a few years ago and I wanted to explore this area further. When I saw the job advertised on-line, I didn't hesitate to apply; a number of existing employees had recommended Nationwide to me as being a brilliant company to work for.

At first, it was quite challenging to adjust to working in a brand new role and in a completely different environment to what I’d been used to. Studying for the CeMAP was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone; it had been a long time since I’d needed to study so hard. However, after I passed CeMAP and had built up a few months’ experience in working on the phone, it all became second nature to me and I was really able to settle into my role.

I felt under pressure in my previous position and was never rewarded or credited for good performance, which is totally different to how things are here.

As General Manager at the Health Club, I was responsible for the day-to-day running of the club and had up to 20 direct reports. The role required me to manage budgets and hit sales targets, and was generally very stressful.

Nationwide is a huge company but the culture is very different in that they look after their staff, there are many additional benefits, a realistic bonus structure and annual pay reviews.

“ Although I no longer have face to face contact with the customers, which is something that I was used to on a daily basis in my previous job, I still really enjoy the interaction I have with customers over the phone. ”

Whether that’s with helping them buy their dream home, consolidating their debts to take the pressure off at home or improving their new property. Each application is different and I get a real sense of pleasure when a customer recognises the help we have given them.

My role requires me to complete one or two appointments a day, which means that I am able to stay on top of my workload and manage my time appropriately. I'm able to focus solely on my own performance, rather than worry about how others are performing. It’s also an added bonus to be able to use the onsite gym during my lunch break!

“ I’m now able to enjoy a much healthier balance between my work life and home life. ”

In my previous job, the hours I worked were very unsociable. I’d always have to bring my work home with me and could never really switch off. Now, I generally finish on time and can completely relax and unwind when I leave work, which is especially important as I have a young daughter to look after. 

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far; Nationwide are brilliant at nurturing and rewarding their staff and I feel very well looked after.I was also so grateful with the enormous gesture that Nationwide made by donating £600 towards my sponsorship for the London Marathon that I am running this April in memory of my Dad.

Working here has enabled me to have a clear path with my career and development and there are plenty of future opportunities- something that was lacking in my previous employment.

I can see myself staying here for the long stretch; although I've enjoyed taking a step away from management, I will look to return to this one day!

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