The power of determination

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After graduating from university with a degree in Accounting and Finance, I started exploring what career paths were available to me. I’d always had a passion for STEM- based subjects and I knew I wanted to work within the financial industry however, I wasn’t set on a specific career path.

“ As a woman and a new graduate pursuing a career in the financial industry, I thought the odds would be against me. ”

I recall, just after my A-levels several people in my life tried to persuade me to enter the health industry as a nurse as they thought this would be the best career path for me for obvious reasons. However, I was always determined to find myself a career in STEM and to have a role I’d enjoy.

I joined Nationwide in 2015 as a Business Analyst through a graduate scheme provided by a third party organisation. The role appealed to me as it’s an IT and Finance specialist role and so it taps into my key strengths and love of STEM.

“ The best thing to happen to me since starting here is witnessing myself develop and close the bridge between university (which is more or less theory based) and practice within Business Transformation. ”

As a BA, my team and I are responsible for effectively identifying and communicating the needs of the business and stakeholders. I really enjoy the fact that my role gives the opportunity to influence the business and interact with people in different areas. I currently work closely with stakeholders from the Commercial and Treasury space as well as stakeholders from Technical Accounting, Modelling and Testing.

“ I know this is cliché, but no two days are ever the same, I love how diverse the work I do is. I work in a team full of experts in different areas, I enjoy learning from them and tapping into their knowledge and experience. ”

My Accounting and Finance degree has certainly helped as I’m on a programme which is highly technical in financial terms. I was surprised to find out how many transferrable skills I’d learnt at university that I’m now able to use in my technical role.

The key thing that stands out to me about Nationwide is the culture and focus on PRIDE values. As a new starter in the organisation, I was fascinated by how the Building Society really cares about its members as well as the professional and personal development of its employees.

A big bonus about the headquarters location in Swindon is the great work/life balance. I know a few friends who have to work horrendously long hours in other companies and don’t get a lot of time for themselves. Whereas here, I’ve found that flexible working is encouraged and this is great because it enables me to be able to do more outside of work. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym and keeping active as well as going out for a drink with my friends and colleagues.

“ I don’t feel that people treat me differently because I am a woman in IT, I believe people treat me based on my merit. ”

It has to be acknowledged that there is a huge support group for women in IT in Nationwide for example, SWiN which is Swindon Women in Nationwide. Nationwide also offers mentoring to women in IT and Business!

The advice I’d give to anyone who wants to work in STEM is do your research and find a field you’re most interested in. The world is ever changing and technology is evolving, find your niche within STEM and just go for it!

Don’t take bad advice or let negative perspectives influence you, a career in STEM is what you make it. Stay determined and focus on finding a career that is right for you. 

And lastly, have I made my parents proud? I approached my parents with this question and here is what they said, “when you were younger you used to sleep 24/7, we’re quite surprised that you didn’t sleep your way through your GCSEs up to university and beyond, you’ve made us all very proud”


  • Eunice

    This is so inspiring! I love this article.

  • Kim

    A great engaging blog which showcases your ambition and the career opportunities and support available at Nationwide. Well done.

  • Barbara

    That's my girl. I knew you will achieve your goal. You aspired, you were determined and you achieved it. Well done. Very proud of you.

  • Syed

    Now, there's a motivational article if you ever saw one!!! - What's great is that this is actually how you feel whilst working on a very high profile challenging programme. For me personally, it's been amazing seeing you develop so quickly and become a highly valued member of the team - you should be very proud. With an attitude like this Ruvimbo, I am 100% confident you will have a significantly rewarding career at Nationwide.

  • Hildah

    Well done Ruvimbo, very proud of you my darling xxx

  • Lawrence

    Well done you make us proud indeed, never look back.

  • Orwen

    Well done Miss Mativenga! The sky is the limit

  • Hannah

    This is a brilliant article Ruvimbo. Very inspiring! Well done! I'm very proud of you!!

  • Sharon

    This article sums up the attitude you bring to your work, which is one of freshness, enthusiasm and intelligent contributions. You are a pleasure to work with and a great asset to our team. Well done Ruvimbo - I wish you every success in your future career and have no doubt that you will continue to do brilliantly!

  • Claire

    Ruvimbo this is an inspiration article that inspires people to do different. I have been inspired to look into STEM and I am determined to follow the pathway. Well done and I wish you a fantastic and rewarding future with Nationwide!

  • Chido

    Well done Ruvimbo, your story is truly inspiring

  • Mainini

    Wadadisa mwanangu. Well done

  • Ordelia

    This is really an inspiring blog and your determination in life can be seen in how you have progressed so far. I can see and hope you have a great and bright future ahead. Keep looking on the positive side of life and be very proud of yourself. I am very proud of you and it's great having worked with you although very briefly. I hope we will get to work together again soon.
    Well done.

  • Visanth

    Inspiring blog. In IT we can explore a lot. Interacting with different stakeholders gives a wide picture of how different sections looks at the same opportunity.

  • Rugare

    This just goes to prove that your attitude determines your altitude. Well done Ruvimbo, keep flying high.

  • Tapiwa

    Well done Ruvimbo. Very inspiring.

  • Adel

    Well done! Sky is the limit
    Good piece of work


    Well done Ruvimbo the sky is the limit x

  • precious

    Congratulations Ruvimbo great advice for young people out there never look back keep striving for higher goals you have made Zimbabweans so proud well done you go girl ☺

  • Benita

    Ever so proud of you. You have the right attitude towards big goals and i wish you all the best for the future. This is just the beginning great things are yet to come your way. Well done for all the hard work you put in.

  • John

    Wow a lot of amazing information!

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    Awesome write ups. Cheers!

  • Michael

    Amazing loads of fantastic information.

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    Great facts, Thank you.

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