Can an apprenticeship help you grow your confidence?

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When I applied to Nationwide, I never expected that my application would even be considered, since I had very limited experience in finance and admin.The Apprenticeship vacancy appealed to me as I had very limited experience in working in an office environment, so I wanted to try something new. 

I've spent most of my life in equine (working with horses) and some volunteering here and there. Just before I started my Apprenticeship, I worked full time as stable yard manager at a local riding centre and part time as a waitress. What I love about the apprenticeship scheme here is the fact that I still have time for my personal life outside of work. My priorities are my two horses who I look after before and after work. I enjoy riding and competing my horses as well as playing football.

“ As I’m naturally shy, I found my first day quite daunting. I was so used to working in a small environment with only a handful of colleagues so Nationwide was a huge change for me. ”

On my first day, the massive worrier in me started thinking about how I’d get lost trying to find my desk or how I was going to remember everyone’s names! I was so relieved when I found out how nice and welcoming my team were. They really helped me ease into my new role. That’s one thing that stands out to me about Nationwide – the people.

I'm doing my apprenticeship within the support team in member service. My team and I are responsible for the administration side of complaints. I’ve only been in my role for six months but I’ve learnt so much from doing various roles in my team and also doing some work for the Investment team.

Receiving PRIDE cards that acknowledge the hard work I’ve done has helped to boost my confidence along the way!

“ My apprenticeship has given me several opportunities to prove myself despite my lack of experience. ”

I also recently qualified both my ponies for two National competitions this year, one at the East of England showground and one at Hickstead. I feel that having a new career that I really enjoy outside of horses motivates me, and now when I compete my results are getting better!

I think I’ve made my parents proud by taking the bold step of changing careers and making decisions on other non-work related aspects of my life. Because of my shy and reserved personality, I’ve always preferred to keep everything in my life familiar. Just the other day, my mum said she didn’t think I would even start this job as she knows how nervous I would’ve been making the decision to change jobs. However, I’ve felt comfortable at Nationwide from my first day and haven’t looked back since!

Are you considering taking an Apprenticeships and need some advice?

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