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Suraj is a Business Analyst on the Technology Development Programme. He joined Nationwide in 2015.

I’m originally from Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands. When I was offered the role at Nationwide I relocated to Worcester, making it a lot easier to get to work.

I’ve worked for Nationwide for just over 4 incredibly memorable months now. Before I joined, I worked independently in IT processing the needs of a sales team, and I was looking into studying for an MSc in Computer Science. I'd also been to University and graduated with a degree in Information Systems.

I’m the only one out of my friends whose ended up in a technical role; 2 or so are personal trainers, 3 work in accounts, a couple are aspiring entrepreneurs and a few others work in sales/retail. Personally speaking, I was always drawn to the exclusive marques of the automotive industry - but I decided to join the financial services so I could help everyday people. Genuine likes of mine include cider, duvet days and fast-food. On that basis, I’d probably have been the ideal candidate for a Personal Trainer!

“ Relocating was definitely a challenge, but it does come with its rewards. For me it’s meant I can spend time with the people I grew up with and friends from work as well, and I’ve found I’ve become a lot more self-supporting. ”

I’ll be moving closer to Swindon when I feel a little less adventurous with the peeps from my past. 

When I applied, I expected Nationwide’s communication style to be inviting, their opportunities to be empowering and their embrace to be warm, and they haven’t disappointed. I’m also very glad I applied for a role within the TDP (Technology Development Programme).

“ I’ve noticed a change in myself since joining, which includes a greater value and respect for others. ”

This change in one way or another makes me admire every single one of the TDP fam, and I’m particularly proud that I’ve been able to ‘be myself’ with everyone here. The rest of the TDP have been incredible! There’s a real mixture of personalities and charismas on the team. Some are a bit more mysterious and reserved, others are intrepid and seeking. All are ambitious and committed.

The most important thing I’d look for in someone joining the TDP would be spirit; we don’t just look for the most intelligent individual in the country - instead, we work well with people whose ambition will continue to rub off onto others.

If I had to describe the TDP Manager Mark I’d say one thing: motivation.

There’s no ask too insignificant or too audacious he’s not willing to face. When I first started I remember him being really supportive, saying: “you’ll probably be glad to get rid of me (as your manager) but before that happens, I want you to become the well-rounded person you are truly capable of becoming.” He also reminded me that: “No matter what you become in a few years’ time, take others on the journey with you”.

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