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Charlie is 15 and recently spent his work experience week within our Resourcing Team, following a recommendation from an existing Nationwide employee. Here, he shares his account of how the overall experience was...

Where was your work experience based?

My work experience was based where I live in Bournemouth, but on Thursday, I was able to go to Nationwide House in Swindon. This was my favourite day as I was able to catch up with some of the people I first met when I did my job shadowing placement at Nationwide 3 years ago, as well as meet lots of new people that have joined since then.

Most of the Resourcing team are based in Swindon so I had the chance to meet the Brand and Attraction team, the PRIDE team and the Strategy and Specialist Services team.

What did you find most interesting during your work experience?

I found the Brand and Attraction team to be the most thought-provoking team. The team are responsible for the careers site, careers social media and recruitment campaigns.
The careers site is managed by a number of different people, for example - content developers, user experience testers and search engine optimisation techies.

During my time with the Brand and Attraction team, I learnt how the Nationwide careers website works and how Social media is used throughout the organisation to interact both internally and externally, it was all really interesting.

What was the hardest part of your work experience?

I found writing my CV quite difficult at first, however I got some help from several members of the team and I was able to make my CV relevant and highlight my skills.

Although I don’t have any specific employment history, I do have a number of transferable skills that I have developed from school, work experience and my extra-curricular activities.

I’m happy I had a chance to create my own CV, and I’m looking forward to using this to apply to jobs in the future.

How does work experience at Nationwide compare to school?

I really enjoyed my work experience at Nationwide because everyone was really welcoming and friendly and made me feel as if I was a part of the team. I also had the chance to learn some key valuable skills such as:

• How to write a CV and a cover letter
• Presentation design and delivery
• What the context of an Intranet looks like and consists of
• How to use social media to engage diverse audiences
• What the assembly of the Resourcing team looks like
• How to communicate with senior levels across the organisation
• How to take minutes in a meeting
• How to make quick efficient notes
• What to do during a telephone meeting/consultation
• How to skilfully write emails and deal with them appropriately
• Team building skills

What will you want to do after school?

After school, I hope to either join the Royal Air Force as a technician or a pilot, or join Nationwide in the Resourcing team. I would definitely recommend Nationwide for anyone who wants to do work experience. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made because of the key skills I’ve learnt during my week there!

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