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Jas recently joined Nationwide’s Industrial placement programme as part of his degree at Coventry University. Here he discusses his search for the right industrial placement, how he plans to make the most of it and adjusting to work life.

Finding a role that has correlation to my studies in Disaster Management & Emergency Planning at University was a challenge. My role at Nationwide enables me to work on business continuity and assessing and managing risk, which gives me the perfect platform to apply the theory I’ve learned at University into practice in the workplace.

Why Nationwide?

When searching for Industrial Placement opportunities I applied for a number of roles in a variety of businesses and was fortunate to receive offers. However, the offers weren’t the best fit for me as they either didn't relate to my degree or match the values I regard as the most as an individual.

I remember coming across the job advert for a role within Group Operational Resilience here at Nationwide and I couldn’t have made a more decisive decision at the time to apply. The role was well suited to my studies and being from the local area I was aware of what a great organisation Nationwide are, especially with the citizenship activities they undertake. Nationwide’s ‘PRIDE’ values and ‘Doing the right thing’ ethos speaks volumes of the way that they do business and matches my values.

Making the most of my Industrial Placement

Being here at Nationwide feels like being a part of a very ‘big family’, where you can be yourself and everyone is always happy to help, whether you know them or not, people here will take the time out of their days to give you all the support that you need to really develop and succeed here.

“ I chose to join Nationwide because of what the company stands for; the ‘PRIDE’ values and ‘doing the right thing’ speak volumes of the way that Nationwide does its business ”

Working within Group Operational Resilience has been very exciting, the team that I work with look at developing our Society’s capability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to sudden disruptions, for example ensuring that our members can always get access to physical cash. What’s great about the role is that the team is engaged with stakeholders across the Society and gives me the opportunity to understand the business far more clearly. 

The opportunity to develop at Nationwide is great. So far I’ve had the chance to get out and about and see our Tottenham Court Road Branch in London, work at our London Office at Threadneedle St for the day, being brought in to support the Student Ambassador Programme ran by the Graduate cohort and take on real responsibility for deliverables from day 1.

I can’t wait to see what my next 11 months here at Nationwide will bring!

Adapting to work life

I had preconceived ideas and heard stories about Financial Services that the work/life balance was stretched at times. Being here at Nationwide, I can confidently dispel those myths as it hasn’t been the case at all! The company promotes a healthy work life balance which helps me to manage my own personal time and ensure that I can do the things outside of work which I really enjoy. Nationwide recognise that people need a healthy balance between the two.

“ Outside of work I like to go out to restaurants with friends, spend time with my family, go to the gym and I volunteer a minimum of 16 hours a month as a Special Police Constable with Wiltshire Police. My role as a Special Police Constable is similar to a Police Officer, with the only exception being I don’t receive a salary! I’ve been doing it for the past 2 and a half years and really enjoy it. ”

When the opportunity presents, I like to attend my old Secondary school, Nova Hreod, in Swindon and be part of an ‘Alumni’ to assist where I can thorough events such as mentoring, sharing experiences and promoting careers to the students. On 6th October I
attended my old school to highlight post 16 options to current Year 11 students. It was a great opportunity to meet so many students and to see that they had a real interest to find out more about the careers available to them straight after leaving school. I had the opportunity to speak to the children and parents on a stand about Nationwide and my role in the police force.

My advice to find the perfect Industrial Placement

Applying for Industrial Placement schemes can be very long and stressful, especially whilst managing day to day University commitments. Drawing upon from my experiences in the search for Placement opportunities I found that organisation is key; attend careers fayres, employer events, research the company that you would like to apply for and understand whether the company you are applying for represents your core values.

“ The biggest factor that stood out for me in search of Placements, was finding a company that represents the same values as I do. Here at Nationwide, the company culture and values certainly align with mine. ”

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