How I kick-started my career with Nationwide’s graduate scheme


Wanting to ensure post-university life gets off to a flying start? Applications are now open for our graduate schemes, offering you the opportunity of completing varied and challenging placements within a wide range of different business areas, whilst receiving structured training and development to enable fast career progression.

This is Lowri’s story of how she launched her career at Nationwide:

Ever since I graduated from university, four years ago, I had always wanted to pursue a graduate career that offered a structured development pathway, but hadn't quite managed to find the right fit for me yet. Determined to finally achieve my professional goals, I decided to make one last attempt at securing the role that I had always dreamed of.

After spending an afternoon researching a number of different graduate programmes, I had my heart set on applying to just one company –Nationwide. The Nationwide ethos really resonated with me and I could already really see myself working there.

The prospect of working for a company who hold customers at the heart of everything they do was particularly appealing.

What’s more, the future career possibilities there seemed to be endless and I felt I wouldn't be restricted by my degree background in the placements that I carried out.

My recruitment process experience was very positive; I was made to feel really comfortable throughout each stage of the application process, which made it an enjoyable experience rather than a daunting one, allowing me to shine.

“ The Society’s values and the overall employee experience was something that had impressed me in the promotional material regarding the scheme, but now I could see for myself what a great place it was to work. ”

I left my assessment day full of anticipation regarding the outcome; now, more than ever, I really wanted to return to Nationwide as an employee.

Well, here I am -  and I absolutely love it.

Diversity is something that Nationwide really embraces and celebrates. This is something that struck me straight away on my first day at Nationwide; as well as there being a wide age range among my colleagues, I learnt that the team was made up of individuals from different academic and professional backgrounds.

I quickly realised that there is no specific 'type' of person who works here and our staff come from a range of different backgrounds.

From my experience so far, I believe that the diversity among the workforce is a major factor in making Nationwide’s employees so proud to work there.

Development is one of Nationwide’s top priorities for our employees. I have always had the impression that my colleagues and managers have always been really interested in and committed to helping me reach my career goals. It is the continuous support and mentorship offered to you that I believe sets Nationwide’s graduate scheme apart from so many others.

Having studied Law at University, I certainly never envisaged working in Financial services but I can say that I have completely enjoyed my time here. 

I'm really looking forward to a long and rewarding career with Nationwide. No two days are the same here, and thanks to the support I receive on all levels, I feel confident enough to be able to step outside of my comfort zone and take on new and exciting challenges.

With three more placements to go, I am not only excited to see where my next project will take me, but how my career at Nationwide will progress. 

Are you a graduate or graduating next year? Take a look at our graduate roles here 



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