Nationwide visits Birmingham’s Women in Technology Conference


Nationwide Student Ambassador Eleanor and Senior Project Manager Alison recently attended the University of Birmingham Women in Technology conference.

After the success of last year's WiT (Women in Technology) conference, three societies from the University of Birmingham connected for the second time to run the conference. With some top employers present and around 100 students from a number of universities visiting the talks and career stands, it was a great opportunity to showcase what Nationwide has to offer.

Birmingham’s Women in Technology meets Nationwide’s Woman in Technology

The day started with Alison, a Senior Project Manager at Nationwide, being first up to talk about her career path, experiences and how being female has impacted on that journey. Alison spoke about her journey through university and numerous sectors, before expanding on her role in project management for our Transformation division. Alison was able to give a real insight into a career with technology.

The talk went down well with the mostly-female audience, who confessed to sometimes feeling restrained by their STEM degree subject or limited in their career assumptions.

“ This was a wonderful opportunity to help students and use my experience to make a difference. Until I was approached to speak at the conference, I hadn’t really thought about my career as a project manager as being in technology, despite spending it delivering technology solutions, or that it would be of much interest to anyone! The response I received from the students was eye opening and showed me how valuable sharing a real life example of how careers take us in unexpected directions can be. It also highlights just how powerful it is for the person sharing that experience to look and feel like the audience. ”

Alison Senior Project Manager

What the students wanted to know

Following the talks, we were welcomed to a networking session – in the style of a careers fayre – which was a good opportunity to speak with students. We had a lot of discussions around our Technical Development Programme, Industrial Placements and Graduate Schemes.

By having one of our Student Ambassadors attend the conference, students were able to have their questions answered by a current graduate who had recently been through the application process themselves.

On the day, students typically asked about the opportunities we offer and how those jobs would look. We were proud to be able to provide some great insight into the real work that graduates and placement students do at Nationwide. Eleanor was able to relate to her own experience and reassure students that they would be entering a real job with real responsibilities, but within a supportive environment where personal development is key.

“ The students were all keen to find out what we could offer and were surprised by the variety of opportunities that weren’t strictly finance-related. It was great to be able to share the positive experience I’ve had with Nationwide so far. ”

Eleanor Corporate Graduate

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