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Shana joined Nationwide 5 months ago. Before then she was studying history at the University of Birmingham.

At uni I was involved in societies and I did the normal student things; sleep, study, go out. Work wise I was working as a Temp in basic admin roles, and picking up work as and when I needed the money. I didn’t really stay anywhere long enough to be part of an established team, so Nationwide was the ideal change for me.

The best thing about my job now is that I get to meet loads of people and interact with lots of different business areas. This means I get a really good understanding of the business and how separate departments liaise and work together to form Nationwide as we know it.

“ Originally I was applying to Marketing roles in London based companies, and if I’m honest I wasn’t looking for any technical roles. Before I read the description for ‘Business Analysis’ I’d never even heard of it! ”

I applied to the role because I knew Nationwide was one of the top 25 employers in the UK, the salary was competitive and I wouldn’t have the expenses or stress associated with working in London. Now I’m ecstatic that I work at Nationwide, I’ve enjoyed the job more than I ever thought I would and I’m so pleased I just gave it a go.

I’ve seen how Nationwide are at the forefront of innovation, and working in the BA practice means I’m making a valuable contribution to these industry advances.

It’s my role to speak to one group of people and translate what they say into a list of requirements, which can be understood by another group of people that will build the solution. The trickiest part is getting all the information and knowledge you need for a solid set of requirements, which relies on learning what the right questions to ask are.

I live in Reading and the commute to work is an hour, which is perfect because I love to drive and it gives me a chance to come out of work mode before I get home. On the weekends I always have something planned - often travelling around the country to see friends and visit new places or do new things.

“ In reality this means I often end up in London a couple of times a month which is great. I still get to enjoy London culture and nightlife. ”

Since joining the TDP the biggest thing I’ve treated myself to is a MacBook AIR; everyone at uni seemed to have one and I have had laptop envy for years! -so I bought it. My next plan is to pay for a holiday to Barcelona and Vietnam (not together) and after that I want to buy a car because my 15 year old VW Golf (aka Vincent) is on its last legs.

Nationwide is a great company to work for- it really cares about the individual and tailors your work experience to you

If I need flexible working hours I can, if I need more support I have multiple people to talk to including buddies, mentors, and line managers. Ultimately working for Nationwide I have a network of support, which can be great for someone coming into the corporate world for the first time, or after a long break.

I expected Nationwide to be a caring and supportive company and I haven’t been disappointed. Absolutely everyone is happy to help. I've been lost on more than one occasion in Nationwide House and every time someone has noticed me and helped me to where I needed to be. Whether this involved a helpful nod in the right direction or a solid 15 minute search for the meeting room “Gandalf”. It’s these small random acts of kindness which really demonstrates the kind of people who work at here.

As for the TDP, everyone describes it as like a work family. I guess the difference between the TDP and a real family is that we don’t scream and shout at each other and we tend to avoid emotional manipulation and guilt tripping!

“ Everyone on the programme looks out for each other – there’s such a range of people, ages and backgrounds it would be hard not to find someone you have something in common with. ”

All applicants need A-Levels to apply, but after that life experience is all the help you need. The online tests can be a challenge, but once they are done its clear sailing. The key is to practice the tests as much as you can beforehand! I know it’s a bit of a line but the best advice I’d give applicants is to be yourself; make sure everything you do represents you and not the person you think they want. The TDP management Team are really nice and they're committed to finding people who are passionate about the NBS ideologies, and people who are personable.

If you’re applying for the BA role then personality is priority number one.

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