What you can expect two years into Nationwide's Graduate scheme


Graduate Tulsi works in Project Management within Business Transformation.

From University to Nationwide's graduate scheme

It’s been two years since I joined Nationwide as part of the graduate scheme, and how time’s flown! Back in September 2014, I had just graduated from university after studying Geography at University College, London and was about to start my first placement. Now, in September 2016 I am working within the Project Management Practice in Business Transformation, within the Digital Channels, Operations and Customer Insight portfolio.

Why choose Nationwide's Graduate Scheme?

I was attracted to the ability to rotate around different areas and gain a broad understanding of the business in a relatively short period of time. I think what stands Nationwide out from other organisations is their flexibility and opportunities you’re given to influence your placements. They take into consideration your interests and skill-set to help shape your career.

Graduate placements at Nationwide

Initially, I joined on the Customer Services & Operations graduate scheme and had a number of different placements. They were linked together by an underlying interest in digital transformation and improving customer experience.

“ With support from my graduate peers, my various managers and my sponsors, I slowly began to identify where I’d like to take my career and gained a breadth of experience to enable me to pursue this. ”

Right now is a great time to join Business Transformation, as our Divisional Director Martin Boyle is on the Executive Board and we’re now co-located in a new building.

There’s a greater focus on what we do here and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a name for yourself and contribute to our growth as a division.

The Nationwide difference

I’ve really enjoyed working with a wide array of people, each at different stages of their careers with different ambitions and ways of working. I’ve learnt a huge amount simply from observing those around me, and I feel lucky to have met some wonderful people along the way who have a genuine interest in helping me develop further.

“ A lot of people say it, but what’s really struck me is how much time people at Nationwide will make for you – whether that’s for a chat or to help you with a problem. ”

Opportunities outside of the graduate scheme

I got involved in numerous activities outside of my placements that I worked on in parallel; I’m heavily involved with Nationwide’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda and I now co-chair the Disability Network too.

It’s an exciting space and one that I was able to take the time to get involved with. I’d encourage other graduates to look around for opportunities that interest you outside of your placement – you can learn a lot from these experiences too.

Advice to anyone applying for a graduate scheme

Starting somewhere new can be daunting. But it's is a great opportunity to kick-start your career so make the most of it; take the time to understand the different divisions, speak to your colleagues about their career experiences and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The more pro-active you are with your development, the more you’ll get out of this scheme. So… good luck! 

Apply now

For more information and to apply now, see the Business Transformation Development Programme,

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