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Tom a day in the life

Tom is a Data Governance Manager within our Information Management Division. Here he talks through his average day...

First things first…

When I arrive at the office I always make sure I have some time before my first meeting to read and respond to my emails with a cup of nice coffee. It’s great to have this time to plan my day properly and write out the to-do list…

9 AM: and it’s the first meeting of the day. At the moment we're assessing our data management maturity in Nationwide so we can understand where we are and where we think we can get to in the short, medium and long term. It’s my job to come up with the tools needed to do this assessment, and to then help our business stakeholders complete it accurately and on time. Our executive steering committee need these results so they can make informed decisions on what we need to focus on. I’ve got 30 minutes scheduled with a Data Steward who is new to the role and needs some assistance. The meeting goes without a hitch and we agree a time for the maturity assessment submission.

9:30 AM: I have an hour before my next meeting to put the finishing touches to some documentation that I’ve been working on. Because Data Governance is an emerging discipline our stakeholders are sometimes unfamiliar with the topic. So one of the things we offer is guidance on Data Governance and other data management competencies (like data quality or master data management) - we supply training and industry best practice advice to make sure that our stakeholders understand the importance of good data management.

10:30 AM: We collaborate with data experts in the business on a daily basis either on a 121 basis (like at 9AM) or in a larger meeting as part of our governance structure. We define the structure of our Data Governance meetings so it gives our stakeholders the platform to be able to discuss their data related issues and successes- we want to focus on the strategic tasks that our steering committee have identified so the entire business is managing their data in the most efficient way possible. Today’s meeting is to create a short term plan in one of our biggest business areas - I am there as a facilitator and to offer guidance but the idea is to let the Data Stewards lead the way, which they do with aplomb!

12:30 PM: After a bite to eat I have a 121 with one of the Consultants in my team. We meet formally at least every two weeks to discuss career development and progress. This is something I find invaluable and really enjoy the chance to help my team flourish- even if it’s just a catch up it is good to talk.

1 PM: Nationwide take Information Management seriously and acknowledge how important our job is. Because of this backing our team is growing quickly which means we have a lot of interviews to conduct- and this is the next thing on my to-do list. The person I am interviewing today has a lot of stakeholder management experience as well as a background in data quality- things are looking positive!

2:30 PM: All of our critical data needs to be owned and defined so my manager and I are meeting a prospective Data Owner to explain the role and the importance of the job. We need our leaders bought into what we are trying to achieve so it’s important we get this right! Fortunately it is a good discussion and we agree next steps.

3 PM: Back at my desk now so I reply to some emails and catch up with my colleagues on who they think will win The Apprentice!

3:30 PM: In our wider management team we focus on people development activities as well as the day-to-day work so my next meeting is based on how we can improve things like career progression, training and communication. The main topic today relates to training and how we can find more and better training opportunities- we also discuss which members of the team have displayed outstanding behaviours that align with Nationwide’s PRIDE culture. At our next team meeting we will recognise these people for doing a great job.

4:30 PM: After a productive day it’s time to wind down… looking forward to tomorrow!

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