Creativity and sharp suits; it's all in a day’s work for Designer Carmelo.


I've been working for Nationwide for just over a year now, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here: I've met some great people and I've really learnt a lot.

Like many people, I applied because I'd heard Nationwide were a great company to work for. I also knew that I'd gain great experience that would benefit me in the future. The only thing that put me off applying was I thought it would be slightly too corporate for me (and a little bit boring).

I'm currently a Digital Designer at Nationwide, and I work on all aspects of design, including web-pages, image retouching, infographics and videos. My day to day tasks change regularly as different design needs come in; one day can be completely different to the next.

I was always into Art & Design; it was my favourite subject at school.

I like how there's no right or wrong with design, and you can just go off into another world and do whatever feels right to you.

I also love architecture, fashion, film - anything creative really. Fashion wise I like the classical looks; I like to be slightly different without overdoing it too much. A lot of people have commented on the way I dress, from my shoes, to my pocket squares.

Outside of Nationwide, the 'Guidefather' is a project I created at university; basically a masculine website for fathers and fathers-to-be.

It's meant to help readers prepare (or brush up on) looking after a baby. It's small and easy to digest chunks of information, combined with illustrative graphics, all in a humorous way.

I'd spoken to a few people about the project and as I had such great feedback, I thought why not create the website? I began by setting up all the social media accounts.

Since then I've had some great followers on the Instagram account- including John Terry, Mario Lopez (AC Slater), Micah Richards, and JB Gill from JLS to name a few.

Hopefully it becomes a great source for new fathers.

At the end of this month I'll be heading off to Australia for a year, with the rest of my team supporting my decision. I've been before, and I want to go back and try something new. Hopefully I'll continue working in design- taking all my skills which I've developed and implemented over the past year here.

Although I'm really excited about going, I'm sad to be leaving Nationwide as the company has been really good to me - the people have been amazing.

My team are what I'll miss from Nationwide the most. Overall, I know I'm really going to miss my family and friends too.

Although I'm leaving, I'd still recommend working here. As for the perfect person to fill my shoes? Someone with a creative mind, and great hair.

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