Employee Networks


Putting members first means understanding and responding to their individual needs. And when our employees reflect the members we serve and the communities in which we operate in, it means we’re better placed to achieve our ambition to be the first choice for financial services in the UK.  

Our employee networks are integral to the Diversity and Inclusion agenda and through regular network meetings and events and an online forum, they are a great opportunity for you to engage with and be involved in shaping and influencing the D&I agenda here at Nationwide, wherever in the country you are based. 

Each network is sponsored by a senior leader and although each group has different priorities, all are equally important to developing a better understanding of the many communities that make up Nationwide.

Enable; Disability Network

To become an employer of choice for talented disabled people, we need to demonstrate a good track record in accommodating the needs of disabled employees. 

The development of an engaged disabled employee network is a great way of encouraging disabled people to become ambitious for themselves and their careers and sends a really positive message about Nationwide’s commitment to developing an inclusive environment. 

EMAH; Ethnicity Network 

The Society recognises that to be the number 1 choice for financial services, not only must its products and services be desired by the communities in which it operates but its people also need to be more reflective of those communities in which they serve. 

The network’s aim is to champion the ethnicity voice in the Society and to make this network a success, I’d like as many different voices as are out there in the Nationwide community to be represented on EMAH so please get in touch with me and get involved. 

The time is now and this is a great opportunity to contribute your views and opinions on the Nationwide ethnicity agenda. I look forward to hearing from you. 

FaB; Faith and Belief Network

In Britain today, people of many different faiths live side by side. The concept of a God or a higher being, the afterlife, human nature and many more beliefs, values and traditions form the basis of our society, our workforce, our communities. 

Whilst there are some major differences in those beliefs there are also significant overlaps, similarities and common ground. It is these similarities that the Nationwide Faith and Belief network wants to maximise, promote and share. 

LGBT@Nationwide; Sexual orientation network

The LGBT@Nationwide Network, has been formed to create a platform for employees to engage with the Society on matters and affairs in relation to the LGBT issues. 

Our remit is to look society wide covering areas including but not exclusive to; the recruitment of new employees, the retention and promotion of existing employees and the Member provisioning of products and services and we actively work in partnership with the Society to challenge any discrimination (should it be found) and positively promote equality. 

The network is completely inclusive - everyone is welcome to join........... and we hope you will! 

WiN; Gender network 

WiN is a forum designed to provide guidance and inspiration for women across the organisation. 

My hope is that the network will enable successful career management and progression for Women in Nationwide and contribute to the retention of our talented female workforce. 

Through our three core pillars of education, mentoring and networking events, WiN is also designed to offer support and development to help you overcome any barriers that you come across that are stopping you achieving what you want to at work.