Emerging talent's lunch with Nomco

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Pictured above (left to right): Amanda, Lewis, James and Richus.

The nomination committee (nomco) has a range of responsibilities; this includes making recommendations to the board, reviewing leadership needs of the organisation and ensuring the continued ability of Nationwide to compete in the marketplace. The committee are also responsible for recruiting executives into the firm and ensuring that PRIDE values and our customer-first approach is at the heart of all employees throughout the organisation.

David, our Chairman, is passionate about spending time with individuals throughout the organisation, especially within the Emerging Talent (ET) group. He said “We genuinely enjoy getting information from a different perspective. Spending time with people who are new to our business and the world of work gives us a great insight into areas where we are doing really well and where we can improve.

“ We want to be good role models for the Nationwide behaviours. We need to make sure that whoever takes over once we’re gone is better than us – a critical part of this is ensuring that we liaise with the emerging talent team! ”

David Roberts Chairman

Our emerging talent group is comprised of students and graduates, ranging from the ages of 16 upwards. When the offer to meet the Nomco board was presented to the group, we had a lot of entries. Our selected winners were;

  • Amanda – Resourcing Industrial Placement
  • Lewis - Financial Performance Graduate
  • James – Digital Content Apprentice
  • Richus - Digital and Change Graduate
  • Anya – Hr Apprentice

The five winners had the opportunity to sit down with the board and also met the new CEO – Joe Garner. Below, our winners share an insight as to what the experience was like for them…

Amanda – Resourcing Industrial Placement

When I heard about the opportunity to meet Nomco, I knew this was something I definitely wanted to get involved in as it tied in perfectly with the work I do within my team.

I work within the Brand & Attraction team and my team and I are responsible for ensuring that Nationwide portrays the right brand messages in order to attract the right candidates into the organisation. My team play an important part in recruitment, so naturally, I was interested in meeting the board to understand how they select the future leaders of our business and what their recruitment process is like.

“ The one thing that stood out to me during the lunch was the amount of times our company culture and PRIDE values were mentioned. It was reassuring to know that our culture and values are present at every level in the organisation. ”

The first thing I noticed about the board was how welcoming and friendly there were! This alone made me feel less nervous. The lunch was really laid back and we were able to talk openly and honestly, asking questions and giving our opinions was encouraged!

My key take away from the lunch was something one of the board had said “A big problem was a little problem at one point. You should always try and do the right thing and tackle any problem as early as you can.” I feel that this can be applied to literally everything and this saying will definitely stick with me.

Lewis - Financial Performance Graduate

When I found out I’d won the chance to sit down with the Nomco board I was really happy as I knew that it was a fantastic opportunity.
My expectation was a Q&A session with NomCo answering our questions.

However, the reality was very much reversed! The session commenced with NomCo asking us questions. They were extremely interested to view the society from our perspective and really valued our thoughts and opinions. We then rounded off the session with the expected Q&A session.

“ What immediately stood out to me about the board was how down to earth and approachable they all were. ”

This is something I’ve noticed throughout the organisation since I started working here. The PRIDE values are very apparent within the society and everyone is really friendly and keen to help!

During the lunch, NomCo were extremely interested to view the society from our perspective and this encouraged me to share my views and opinions with them more openly.

I came away from the lunch with a better understanding of the Board, its committees and how it operates. As well as a greater insight into Nationwide’s strategy and some valuable career advice.

James – Digital Content Apprentice

I currently work in the Digital and Mobile department so when I heard I had won the opportunity to have a meeting with NomCo I was really excited. I was particularly interested in knowing about how NomCo thought the digital era would influence Nationwide and its competitors.

Before my meeting I was quite nervous as the people we were meeting with were clearly very important. However I knew this would be a great opportunity as it’s not every day you get to meet with such senior leaders!

Upon first meeting NomCo my nerves were quickly put to ease as they were very friendly and down to earth.

“ It was clear how highly they held the PRIDE values and how they felt it was very important to hold a strong business culture. ”

During the session we spent half the time answering questions for NomCo. They were really interested about our experiences with the business, something I didn’t expect. For the rest of the meeting we asked NomCo questions, I found this really rewarding and felt I learnt a lot of practical information I can apply in the future.

My key take away from my meeting with NomCo was that the PRIDE values and culture is highly held at the most senior level within Nationwide. This was evident by how many times they referred to doing the right thing for our members.

Richus - Digital and Change Graduate

To gain the opportunity to have lunch with NomCo I had to produce a statement on why I’d like to have the opportunity, as well as present a question I would like to ask them.

In my statement I discussed how I wanted to meet and understand some of the people responsible for getting Nationwide to the envious position it’s in right now, as well as start thinking about how I could exhibit those traits myself. My question was around the future state of Nationwide, and the possible issue of over-digitalisation.

When I found out I’d won the opportunity, I was excited though admittedly a bit nervous. I could never say no to a free lunch though, no matter how high pressure it might be!

My first impressions were very positive; they all came across as genuinely nice, courteous, and friendly people, rather than the standard corporate machines one may expect.

“ They were all so down to earth and approachable - it felt more like a chat with some of my team members rather than, you know, a lunch with the senior executives of the world’s biggest building society. ”

I felt quite involved in the session, not only due to my own efforts but through NomCo’s inclusive demeanour. Just as we had questions for them, they had questions for us such as what we like most about Nationwide, and what we don’t like so much.

Aside from the impromptu visit from Joe Garner where he told us to do ‘what we love’, one of the things that really stood out for me in the visit is how open NomCo are. They admit to not knowing all of the answers to the tough questions Nationwide faces, but were more than willing to hear all sides of debate and make a calculated, reasoned decision off of the back of it, rather than rushing forward with unfounded instinct.

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