How we can all behave like giants


So what did a 5ft 4, blonde, young woman learn from a 6ft 9, psychologist, former NBA player? As it turns out, quite a lot! In this news story, Nationwide's Internal Communications Manager Kate shares her review.

Last week I was one of the attendees at our over-subscribed session hosted by John Amaechi OBE kicking off Nationwide's Diversity Week in style. John is a psychologist, high performance coach and New York Times bestselling author. As one of the lucky attendees at his session, I can safely say I could have listened to him for hours. And I'm not the only one.

“ I was particularly struck with his quote that 'Inclusion activates people that have things to offer.' I like the concept of 'looking-glass self' and reflecting encouragement and positivity and I hope we're not treating people like vending machines! ”

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One thing stuck with me

I know I'm guilty of walking down a street or through the office, head down, looking at my phone. I know I might bang into people accidentally. Although I didn't intend to hit them, I did – my actions did not back up my intentions. We can't be a part-time person (or organisation) of principles; it must be evident in everything we do.

So John asked the room to behave like benevolent giants. (As he's 6ft 9, he's got some experience of this…)

“ Giants have to be constantly vigilant that they are not hitting someone, shouting at them, knocking them over. Their actions can trigger a wave of reactions that they did not intend. They can shelter and protect those around them. ”

I believe giants can also lift up those who need help, or support them with their strength. Now, as a 5ft 4 woman, I've never had to think like a giant before, considering my every action so I'm inclusive of everyone around me – but you can be sure that's what I'll do going forward.

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