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Each year our graduates visit a number of schools, colleges and universities across the country-   it’s a great opportunity for them to share some hints and tips with students. After all, in many cases it’s not that long ago our graduates were in their shoes and unsure what they’d choose to do after university!

This week Monica and Mark (from our Corporate Graduate scheme) visited nearby UWE to talk to students about working at Nationwide.

Undergraduate students from the UWE Faculty of Business & Law were invited to our latest “Marketing Insight session”, which was open to all year groups and fields of study, but tailored more towards those studying a Marketing pathway.

The aim of the event was to help students ascertain what it’s really like working in financial services, and what skills, experiences and qualities would be necessary to be a successful candidate in this area. We also talked through what they can expect from the application process.

In addition, Monica gave an overview of what it’s like to work in Marketing at Nationwide, based upon her own experiences during her placement there.

“I really enjoyed the day, especially as I was able to offer help to students still making their career choices - it was only two years ago that I was in my final year of university, so I could really relate to their questions!” she explains: “I think it’s important to go to these events to demonstrate Nationwide’s interest in getting new talent to join the business. It’s also nice to support and build relationships with local universities and the other organisations that were there.”

Mark also provided more detail on the varying emerging talent opportunities that the students could apply for, including industrial placements, summer internships, work experience as well as our graduate scheme. All in all, the session was 90 minutes long, including a 10 minute presentation from each company there (Nationwide plus two other local businesses; Imagine Cruising and Marcom).

There was also time for a Q&A and an informal networking opportunity, where students could ask 1:1 questions based on their own circumstances and interests.

Jaya Misty, Employer Liaison coordinator for the Faculty of Business & Law at UWE described the event as one of the best so far, explaining that: “Your Marketing presentation and advice will have been invaluable to the students!”

Although as yet there are no future events confirmed, we’re looking forward to meeting with UWE students later this year. Monica’s parting advice to university students? “Take every opportunity you’re given!

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